Monday, March 18, 2013

March Backyard Garden Update: I Can't Help Myself

Ah, the backyard... where all the vegetable and herb gardening experiments, and lots of other experiments, take place. It's where our kids play, and sometimes pick at plants. Rachel once pulled out an entire cauliflower plant, to my dismay. I tried not to be too mad at her.

It's March 18, my brother's birthday, and I went crazy buying veggie and herb transplants at Red Barn this morning to celebrate.

The backyard garden is chock-full of herbs and veggies now. I don't know what will survive the heat, the shade, the squirrels, the bugs and the kids yet, but it'll surely be a lot less than I have in there today.

The biggest (1-gal) Jalapeno seemed to deserve its own space. I gave it this pot of leftover dirt from a number of sources. Should be good stuff, I think. I hope it likes this sunny, SE-facing wall, but I guess I can move it if it doesn't seem to like it.

 Here's the funky mini-garden by the chimney. I love this tiny bed. It is so easy to maintain, because it's so small. Last year the Vinca and a volunteer wild morning glory vine just loved it here. This year I added Purple Heart, which the squirrels chewed down to the dirt. It is already showing signs of returning. Amazing plant, that Purple Heart!

I also added the Leucojum bulbs that I had planted elsewhere in the yard, but that ultimately weren't going to work there, due to my changing my landscape plan. I dug up the Oxblood Lilies from the front strip and dropped them in here, too. I bought a Crossvine transplant to take over the pretty trellis. Cinder blocks, a rectangular terra cotta planter and a couple of limestone blocks replaced the rotty chopped up roots and limbs. Still funky, but a little neater-looking, I think.

 The asparagus ferns are still thriving. They're some of the oldest plants I have. The first one has been with me since 2005, when it started in a hanging basket at my crappy apartment at Tallwood. I added the second in 2006, after we'd moved here.

 I couldn't pass up a lovely basket of Impatiens at Randall's a few weeks ago. I tell ya, I'm addicted to plants.
 Now that the Eastern fence is fixed (Thanks, Rob!), I am starting a Carolina Jessamine. So far it seems happy here. I was afraid there wouldn't be enough sun.

 My butterfly mini-garden is perking back up. I am watching those dead-looking Bougainvilleas for any signs of life. There's something on that dried-looking wood that resembles a bud... I am praying...

 Here are a couple of shots of the backyard. The pea gravel area along the E side of the deck. My kids love it. I love it.
 The Crape Myrtles are leafing out again, in spite of my neglect last year. I didn't get around to transplanting any of them this Spring, and I don't think I will until they lose their leaves in the Fall.

 The Blanc du Bois Grape (I love speaking those French words!) is leafing out in earnest now. No grapes for a few years, I'm told, but it's fun to see this very first growth. Vines are very new territory for me, and now I have three!

 And finally, our beloved Cedar Elm is covered in new leaves. This is a beautiful, tough-as-nails tree, and this time of year is one of my favorites for this tree. I think it looks stunning covered in a lacy hazy of bright new green. Fall is another favorite--these leaves actually turn yellow, giving the Cedar Elm a graceful autumn glow.

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